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Winning For Hexham

Hexham is where I grew up. I'm incredibly proud to be from Northumberland. We've suffered from Conservative complacency  and neglect for decades - it's time for change.

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Hexham deserves better. 

As your local Member of Parliament, that's what I will do. 

Support me

We nearly won Hexham in 1997. We can and must win it now. Not only for the good of our community but to secure a Labour government that can transform this country for the better.

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My Story

Get to know me

Hexham is a place I’m proud to be from, where I grew up and where three generations of my family are proud to call home. I got a fantastic education in our local schools, got my first job here and have deep ties with our community.

How you can help

We need to make history in Hexham and overturn a century of Conservative MPs. We can't do that without the support of everyone who wants to see this country changed for the better.

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Canvassing with local members


Shadow Minister visits Hexham for a campaign day 

My Campaign

I need your help to win Hexham.


Anyone can help me win Hexham for Labour. Every pair of hands and any voice is welcome and appreciated. Please get in touch.

Join our Campaign

Whether it's sharing material or knocking on doors, you are making a huge difference.

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Any support or offer of help could be the difference between waking up with a Labour MP in Hexham or a Conservative one. 

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